Publish and maintain beautiful documents at scale.

Vivliostyle is a publishing workflow tool that brings your customers beautiful documents in whatever form they want.

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Why work with Vivliostyle?

Perfect for catalogs, manuals, reports, books, journals and other periodicals

Make life easy for your production team.

If you publish to digital and web, assets are spread across many teams and tools, slowing down even minor updates and causing errors. With Vivliostyle, print and digital teams work from a single data source, reducing coordination headaches.

Publish to print and digital in one go.

Create documents with sophisticated layouts and typography for web and print, using standard HTML and CSS. Vivliostyle ensures your content is presented consistently and beautifully.

Save money on outsourcing your projects.

Cut proofing time and checks in half by combining your digital and print workflows. Save money when you republish by only paying for and proofing changes, not the whole document.

Made with Vivliostyle

Photo of CSS Secrets
CSS Typesetting

Published July 2016

O’Reilly Japan - CSS Secrets

This book was made entirely with Vivliostyle, designed in CSS, and laid out automatically with Vivliostyle’s rendering engine. Fitting of the books theme, we took full advantage of CSS’s capabilities to make a beautiful volume.

Page breaks

Code samples text split along page breaks is treated with a special zig zag background edge, applied automatically by Vivliostyle.

Table of Contents, Page numbers

We used CSS standards to automatically calculate corresponding page numbers and table of contents.

Parts catalog

Dec. 2015–

Project for parts catalog of Panasonic

This project aims at unifying the production process of printed parts catalog and that of a website. We prepare parts images and specification tables for a large number of parts, manage them with a CMS, and produce both printed catalogs and web pages via HTML/CSS formatting.

Complex tables / Measurement units

Parts specification tables contain detailed data. Cells in such tables require fine adjustment such as decimal alignment and consistent use of measurement units. Vivliostyle allows such fine adjustment via CSS.

Automatic generation of condensed fonts

When a headline in Japanese is too long, Vivliostyle automatically creates condensed fonts so that the headline fits in a single line.

How It Works

Existing workflow

Web and printing are separate, so two production flows are needed.
With each step requiring a different set of data and collaborator, there are more opportunities for errors and lost time.

Vivliostyle workflow

Everyone collaborates on a central data-set, which is managed by your CMS.

With a single data-set ready for production, print and web can be launched simultaneously.

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