Released Vivliostyle Beta


We have released the first beta version of Vivliostyle Products. This release includes Vivliostyle Formatter in addition to Vivliostyle.js and Chrome Extension.

Samples and beta products download

Vivliostyle.js 0.2.0

This version supports Page-based counters and Page-Margin Boxes defined in CSS Paged Media Module Level 3. With these features, you can print page numbers on each page, which is indispensable for typesettings of print materials like books. Some new samples with page numbers are available (see below), so you can learn how to use the features by seeing those samples.

This release also comes with an entirely new viewer UI. The viewer UI of previous versions was a very simple one with only page navigation buttons. We added to the new viewer buttons for increasing/decreasing font size, buttons for zoom, and a page size setting panel, so that it is much easier to use than the previous one. Separation of core functionalities of typesettings and UI also makes our development easier and faster.

Some bug fixes are also included in this release. See the release note for details:

Vivliostyle.js 0.2.0 Release Note

Moreover, we make and distribute a package, which makes it easier to use Vivliostyle.js. The package contains a user’s guide and samples, and installation procedure is much simpler than the previous versions.

You can find source code below:

Vivliostyle.js on GitHub

Vivliostyle.js Viewer on GitHub

Google Chrome extension with the new version of Vivliostyle.js will be available soon. (Page-based counter and Page-Margin Boxes are available with the current version of Chrome extension.)

Vivliostyle Formatter 0.0.1

Vivliostyle Formatter is a print formatter which generates PDFs from HTML/XML with CSS from a command line interface. This is a preview of an upcoming fully featured product.

Vivliostyle Formatter showcases the kind of applications that can be built using Vivliostyle.js. In this version, we use Chromium Embedded Framework as the browser engine.

This beta version only runs on OS X. Windows and Linux versions will be available soon.

Vivliostyle Formatter Relase Note

New version of samples

We published new samples using new features of Vivliostyle.js. You can read and modify these samples so that they suit your use case. They are included in the distribution package of Vivliostyle.js, as well as published on the above sample page.