Vivliostyle Inc. - One Source Multi-Use for making EPUB eBooks, Web, PDF, and Print books. Web browser-based automatic typesetting system “Vivliostyle”

Vivliostyle CSS Typesetting

One Source Multi-Use for making eBooks, Web, and Print books

Web (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.), EPUB, PDF, Print

Vivliostyle supports advanced typesetting features on EPUB+Web as well as on PDF.

Automatic positioning of figures with text wrapping, Ruby Annotation, Drop Cap, Horizontal-in-Vertical composition, Hanging Punctuation, Running headers and page numbers, Text wrapping around arbitrary shapes, Footnotes, Math, Table

Supports Newest Web Standards

HTML5/CSS3/SVG/Web Fonts/MathML, etc.

Responsive Design

Optimal layout is adapted automatically on different page or screen sizes.

Readable Page Because It's Reflowable

User can adjust font size, multi-column settings, etc.

From One HTML/CSS Source, Print (PDF), EPUB, and Web Can be Deployed

Vivliostyle.js / Vivliostyle Formatter / Vivliostyle Browser

Features of Vivliostyle

One Source Multi-Use

Print, eBook, and Web can be produced at once from HTML (XML) + CSS source.

Advanced Typesetting Features

Page Layout Features

Supports multi-column, page numbering, running headers and footers, footnotes, cross references, optimal positioning of figures, and text wrapping around arbitrary shapes, and more.

Necessary Features for Japanese and East Asian Text Layout

Supports vertical text, ruby annotation, line breaking rules, etc.

Conforming to Newest Web Standards

Being based on a Web browser engine, the newest Web standards such as HTML5, CSS3, Web fonts, SVG, MathML, are ready to use.

Readable in Any Environment

Responsive Design

From posters to leaflets, from full HD PC screens to smartphones or ebook readers, etc.—any viewing environment can be adapted.

Reflowable Layout

User can change font size, multi-column settings, etc. by preference. It meets a variety of user needs.

Recent updates

Vivliostyle is a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) member company, and committed to standardization and implementation of CSS, the layout specifications for Web and digital publishing.