Vivliostyle meets with W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe in Sapporo, Japan during TPAC

Vivliostyle (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Shinyu MURAKAMI) sent 3 representatives (1 Japanese, 1 French, 1 German) to TPAC, the annual General Assembly of the W3C, held from Oct. 26 to Oct. 30 in Sapporo, Japan. Among other meetings, they met on the 30th with the W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe to discuss how the W3C can best contribute to the Japanese Digital Publishing Industry.

On the W3C side, Jeff Jaffe was accompanied by the W3C’s COO Ralph Swick and two buisiness development executives.The Japanese side was composed of Junichi YOSHII, director of the IDPF, as well as two representatives from Vivliostyle: Shinyu MURAKAMI (CEO) and Florian RIVOAL (CCO).

As Web technologies continue to undergo rapid changes, the discussion focussed on how closer cooperation between the W3C and the Japanese Publishing Industry could bring benefits to both, with the Publishing Industry sharing its insights and experience with the Web Standards community, while ensuring its intrests and needs were taken into account in emerging standards.

Vivliostyle also provided the Digital Signage used at the Sapporo TPAC, showcasing vertical text writing on the web platform.

Vivliostyle, founded in 2014, develops Vivliostyle.js, a technology which enables typographical features on part with those found in the printing world to be used on the web. Another product, Vilviostyle Formatter, generates PDF documents from W3C’s HTML and CSS, or from EPUB documents. This is done in close cooperation with the W3C’s CSS Working Group to ensure the necessary extensions to CSS become part of the standard.

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