Vivliostyle awarded "Grand Prize" by the Japan Electronic Publishing Association

JEPA Award 2015 granprix

At the 9th Electronic Publishing Awards held on December 18th by the Japane Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA), Vivliostyle (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Shinyu MURAKAMI) was declared winner in the Exciting Tool category, and later during the ceremony was awarded this years‘s Grand Prize.

The Japan Electronic Publishing Association, an institute founded in 1986, has been running this Award Ceremony yearly since 2007 to promote technological improvements and the dissemination of Digital Publishing in Japan. This year, JEPA's 150 member companies, together with individual users of digital publications, cast their votes for for the winners in five categories. The Grand Prize is then selected from these five by the member companies.

Vivliostyle, founded in 2014, develops Vivliostyle.js, a technology which enables typographical features on par with those found in the printing world to be used on the web. Another product, Vilviostyle Formatter, generates PDF documents from W3C’s HTML and CSS, or from EPUB documents. This is done in close cooperation with the W3C’s CSS Working Group to ensure the necessary extensions to CSS become part of the standard.

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JEPA Award Plaque

JEPA Award Grand Plaque