Vivliostyle CCO Holds Keynote Presentation at the 2015 Seoul W3C HTML Conference

Florian Rivoal, Chief Commercial Officer of Vivliostyle (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Shinyu MURAKAMI) was invited by the HTML5 Converged Technology Forum to hold a keynote presentation at the 2015 Seoul W3C HTML Conference.

The keynote, entitled "Future-proof Responsive Design", was held on December 9 in front of an audience of about 400 attendees, and gave insights into how emerging web standards supported the ability to write web content that reliably works across device, including on devices not known to the author of the document.

Last year's edition of this conference included prestigious speakers such as Brendan Eich (Inventor of Javascript), or Håkon Wium Lie (Inventor of CSS).

Vivliostyle, founded in 2014, develops Vivliostyle.js, a technology which enables typographical features on part with those found in the printing world to be used on the web. Another product, Vilviostyle Formatter, generates PDF documents from W3C’s HTML and CSS, or from EPUB documents. This is done in close cooperation with the W3C’s CSS Working Group to ensure the necessary extensions to CSS become part of the standard.

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