Vivliostyle will be presenting at three seminors in JAGAT Page 2016

Vivliostyle (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Shinyu MURAKAMI) will be presenting at the following three sessions in Page 2016, on 3-5 Feb at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, organized by JAGAT (Japan Association of Graphic Arts Technology), and developers from Vivliostyle will participate to the networking event on the 5th.

The Feb. 3rd and 5th events are free of charge.

■ February 3rd 14:00-16:00
Open Event: Zuvuya e-Publishing Study Group Open Forum

■ February 4th 13:00-15:00
Conference: Next Generation DTP and Publishing Support Services

■ February 5th 15:30-19:00
Open Event: XML Publishing Forum (JAGAT XML Publishing Study Group)

Vivliostyle, founded in 2014, develops Vivliostyle.js, a technology which enables typographical features on par with those found in the printing world to be used on the web. Another product, Vilviostyle Formatter, generates PDF documents from W3C’s HTML and CSS, or from EPUB documents. This is done in close cooperation with the W3C’s CSS Working Group to ensure the necessary extensions to CSS become part of the standard.

JAGAT (Japan Association of Graphic Arts Technology), an industry organization with a focus on printing company, was founded in 1967, and has 854 companies. Page 2016 is Japan's largest comprehensive event of the print media business, which held for the 29th time.

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