Vivliostyle Releases Vivliostyle.js and Vivliostyle Formatter Version 2016.1

Vivliostyle (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Shinyu MURAKAMI) released the 2016.1 version of its two flagship products: Vivliostyle Formatter and Vivliostyle.js.

Vilviosytle.js is a client-side javascript application that creates a paginated view of documents right in the browser. This gives a much better reading experience compared to scrolling, while keeping the layout fully responsive and resizable. It also support a number of advanced CSS features, pushing the limits of online typography and layout beyond what browsers can natively do.

Vivliostyle Formatter is a print formatter which generates PDFs from HTML+CSS or EPUBs from a command line interface, to be used standalone or in a server environment. Based on the same layout engine as Vivliostyle.js, it enables the use of familiar standard web technologies to create high quality documents suitable for print, with all the features you would expect from the web, and many you would not.

Vivliostyle.js is released under the GPLv3, and commercial licenses are available as well.

Vivliostyle Formatter's evaluation version can be downloaded free of charge, and commercial licenses are available.

Vivliostyle, founded in 2014, develops Vivliostyle.js, a technology which enables typographical features on par with those found in the printing world to be used on the web. Another product, Vilviostyle Formatter, generates PDF documents from W3C’s HTML and CSS, or from EPUB documents. This is done in close cooperation with the W3C’s CSS Working Group to ensure the necessary extensions to CSS become part of the standard.

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