Vivliostyle Formatter 2016.10

Changes from the previous version

Besides those changes, there are some features added/fixed in Vivliostyle Viewer 2016.10, which is embedded in Vivliostyle Formatter.






Use vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10-windws{32 or 64}/vivliostyle/vivliostyle-formatter.bat from command line. Use vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10-windws{32 or 64}/vivliostyle/vivliostyle_formatter_core.exe to call from your scripts and applications.


Run vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10-mac/ to install. You can also use vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10-mac/vivliostyle/vivliostyle-formatter directly without installing.


We suggest deb package for Ubuntu and rpm for CentOS or openSUSE. Installing with tar.gz is rather complicated for you must prepare dependent library yourself.

X server

Linux deb

To install type as following.

sudo dpkg -i vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10-linux-deb/vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10-amd64.deb

If dependency problem occures, type the following:

sudo apt-get -f install

Linux rpm

To install type as following.

sudo yum install vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10-linux-rpm/vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10.x86_64.rpm

Linux tar.gz

vivliostyle-formatter-2016.10-linux/vivliostyle/vivliostyle-formatter is the executable.

The archive contains an executable and some dependent libraries. You may need to install some other dependent shared libraries to run the executable. (You don't need to if you are using Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.3 LTS.) If your system supports deb or rpm, consider using them instead of tar.gz.

Running Vivliostyle formatter

Run from command line.
You can not execute the command as root on Linux.

Usage: vivliostyle-formatter source(file or URI) [options]

Source file is either a HTML file or an EPUB file. You can not use URL of an EPUB file.

Vivliostyle Formatter output these log files: * Vivliostyle Formatter Log : vivliostyle_formatter.log is in the current directory or in the directory specified by --log-dir. * JavaScript Console Log : console.log is in the current directory or in the directory specified by --log-dir.


size, width and height are treated as values of the size property in the @page rule. When size property is already specified in the source document's style sheet, these options will be ignored.

Specify output file path. Default value is vivliostyle-output.pdf in the current directory
Specify log output directory. Default value is the current directory.
Speficy the page size. One of the following: A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, JIS-B4, JIS-B5, letter, legal, ledger. Default value is A4. If width and height are specified, this option will be ignored.
Specify the page width with length unit. Should be specified with height. e.g. 210mm
Specify the page height with length unit. Should be specified with width. e.g. 297mm
Set the page orientation as landscape. If width and height are specified, this option will be ignored.
Display version information
Apply a user stylesheet. Should be local file or URI.
Log informative messages.
–license[=license file]
Import a license file or display the imported license.
Read source file/URLs from the file.
page-based counter is set to the specied value for the first page of the first document.

Multiple files or URIs can be specified. Additional page number parameter can be specified to each file / URI as following:

<URI or path> startPage:<integer>
<URI or path> skipPagesBefore:<integer>

startPage: if specified, page-based counter is set to the specified value on the first page of the document. This option will be ignored for the first document if –initial-page-number option is specified.
skipPagesBefore: if specified, the page page-based counter is incremented by the specified value before updating page-based counters on the first page of the document.

Usage Example

vivliostyle-formatter --page-size=B5 --landscape

Bug reports & feature requests

Please send them to


See in the package.